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Thrive To Host Graduation for LEAD Program

Thrive Support and Advocacy in Marlborough believes that by taking a little extra time and effort, any child can grow to become a leader. Mike Rodrigues, President of Thrive Support & Advocacy in Marlborough says recognizing the potential of individuals with disabilities is the key. “There really is no limit to what any of us can do. Here at Thrive, we recognize that young people with disabilities can-and in fact, should be-leaders,” says Rodrigues. The LEAD Program was designed for young adults with developmental disabilities that were already interested in community service. “Here, we certainly give young people the opportunity to be active and contribute to their community, but my thought

Shrewsbury Couple Sentenced in Steroid Ring Bust

A local Shrewsbury couple has been sentenced to serve time in prison on charges of conspiracy to distribute counterfeit steroids. The couple had been using the social media platform Instagram to pose as a sponsored athlete to facilitate sales to unknowing consumers. Tyler Bauman, 32, and Kathryn Green, 29 were arrested back in April of last year. In August, the pair pled guilty to charges admitting to selling product they had purchased overseas under the brand name “Onyx”. The pair had used the Instagram handle “musclehead320” to lure unsuspecting buyers pretending to be sponsored by Onxy, and earlier this week his profile was still active to defend his product and taunt authorities. Bauman

Worcester Hosts March For Our Lives Parade

Over the weekend, thousands flocked to the City of Worcester for the March for Our Lives walk, including one local Marlborough High School student. Olivia Rainville, Junior Class Vice President at Marlborough High School, coordinated with Principal Caliri and several other students to organize a peaceful walkout on March 14th in honor of the victims in the Valetnine’s Day Parkland tragedy. She continued her support for the victims rallying for change by attending the Walk for Our Lives rally in Worcester, and described the setting as “amazing”, and “very, very inspiring.” “After the Parkland tragedy happened on February 14th, we kind of had school vacation week right after that so the conver

Boy Scout Denied Opportunity to Complete Eagle Scout Project Due to Disability

A heartbreaking story out of Utah this week where a 15 year old teen with Down syndrome was denied the opportunity to complete his Eagle Scout Project. Logan Blythe spent two years with the Boy Scouts of America completing more than two dozen merit badges. Yet his father, Chad Blythe, says when it came time to submit his Eagle Scout project which had already been approved, Boy Scouts official Debby Roberts rejected it. WMCT News spoke to the President of THRIVE Support & Advocacy here in Marlborough, Michael Rodrigues, to hear how Logan’s story could actually have a positive effect by paving a future path for others. “He probably has used more of his ability than his peers to this point if y

Timmy's Battle

The Marlboro Fire Department is shipping out a t-shirt and a patch to support a high school student battling leukemia.

Special Olympics Headquarters Hosts Annual Polar Plunge

In celebration of their 50th anniversary as a movement, the Special Olympics Headquarters in Marlborough hosted their third annual Polar Plunge. “Polar plunge represents for us the great spirit and camaraderie around athletic competition, because it’s the same joy and energy that comes from participating in sports," says Megan Hoffman, Director of Community Development. "This is just an opportunity for individuals that may or may not participate with us already to help give back and fundraise to help offset those costs associated with those competitions. Our athletes are never charged to participate in our competitions, so events like the polar plunge help offset those costs to pay for unifo

MPS Budget Meeting

Did you miss it last night? No worries! We will be repeating it at the following days and times on the WMCT-TV schedule: Sundays @ 1PM Mondays @ 7AM Wednesdays @ 7PM Fridays @ 3PM Saturdays @ 4PM

Early voting- is it necessary?

In 2016, during the November 8th State Election, Massachusetts voters were able to cast their ballots before Election Day for the first time. Marlborough's city clerk, along with others, question if it's necessary.

Westborough Public Library's annual Prom-A-Palooza

The Public Library along with students from Westborough High School Teen Advisory Board, collect hundreds of donated dresses for their annual Prom-A-Palooza event. March 10th from 1-4pm, teens will be able to grab the perfect gown for just five dollars.

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