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Brazilian Festival

The Bethel Presbyterian Church held their 5th annual Brazilian Festival. Don't let the name fool you, the Brazilian Festival welcomes everyone! Pastors, Marcelo Franca and Talles Araujo, have one main goal for this festival, creating new friendships in the neighborhood. The festival feautured live music, dance routines, face paiting, inflatables for the kids, and of course authentic Brazilian food! Planning for this festival takes about 6 months but the countless hours of planning pays off! Check out the story below!

The Museum in The Streets is Officially Open

MARLBOROUGH- Today, was the official opening of "The Museum in the streets" in Marlborough. The museum in the streets was an idea thought up by Douglas Rowe, the President of the historical society. The idea was worked on for about 6 months between the Historical society, the Department of Public Works, and the Marlborough Economic Development Corporation. It is a self-guided tour with twenty-four panels that go from the library down to the historical cemetery on Main Street. It is about a mile and a half long. Each panel has translations of the information in Spanish and Portuguese. 25,000 brochures were printed showing a map of where to walk and different food places to explore around tow

Coping with loss: Vigil held at First Church

Drug addiction is more common than we may think. It was a somber night to remember at First Church in Marlborough. The yearly International Overdose Awareness vigil was held in remembrance of the communities lost love ones, due to drug addiction. Kathy Leonard is the event coordinator for this yearly event. She uses it as a coping method to help grieve her son that she lost a few years back, to the terrible disease... and to also help others that are dealing with the loss of a loved one. Kathy is highly motivated to make others aware of the ramifications of drug addiction and prevention. The church was filled with keynote speakers and family members remembering those that were lost to drugs

Hero's Cup Golf Tournament

The Hero's Cup Foundation is stretching their hockey wings! Their latest fundraiser was held at the Marlborough Country Club.

Return of the Lobster Festival

HUDSON- On Thursday August 22, the Marlborough Chambers brought back their lobster festival. Kennedy's Pub of Marlborough provided delicious food that fed over 200 people. The Flashback Band of Marlborough kept the tunes going for the event. Dessert was in the form of mini blizzards from Diary Queen. 50/50 raffles were held. Some of the proceeds went to "team sharing" an organization that provides support to families that have lost a child to Substance Abuse Disorder. President of the Marlborough Chambers, Robert Schlacter was very positive about how the event turned out and has high hopes for events like these for the members. For more about this story, check out the link below.

Is Toxic Algae really a concern?

It is warm and sunny out, of course families and animals want to cool off in the near by ponds and lakes...but is it safe to do so? Many have been questioning the water safety lately with the alarming number of reported high algae illnesses and deaths this summer across the United States. Do not fret! According to Marlborough Conservation Officer Priscilla Ryder, toxic algae is not in fact that common. She urges that there has to be a "perfect storm" of sorts in order for it to actually be toxic. She cautions to keep out of bodies of water that look highly murky, or as she says water that has a "pea soup" look to it. Priscilla also mentioned that local bodies of water are tested often. She w

Two recent crashes in Berlin remind us all to pay attention while driving

BERLIN- Recently, Central Street in Berlin has been a popular area for crashes. One crash took place on July 23rd and was captured on video. The video shows the car driving and then crashing into a pole and flipping over. The footage for this accident was not released untill August 12. On August 13th, another accident occurred in the same spot. According to police, the first driver was cited for texting and driving. The second driver did not admit to texting and driving but Police Chief Thomas Galvin says it was most likely some form of distracted driving that caused the accident. The second accident still remains under investigation. Both drivers walked away from these crashes with minor in

Marlborough, Northborough, Southborough Warn of EEE Dangers

METROWEST- Multiple communities in the Metrowest area including Marlborough, Northborough, Southborough & Grafton are on high alert after the deadly EEE virus has been discovered. While only about 4-5% of human EEEV infections result in EEE, the most concerning fact about the rare disease is that there is no cure - nor are there any immunizations to serve as protection. Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus, commonly known as EEE, is carried by mosquitos and can cause serious neurological damage or death within 2-10 days of contraction. With a wide range of symptoms from fever to headache, irritability, restlessness, drowsiness, anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea, cyanosis, convulsions, or coma, the i

WMCT Sports Game Day

Here is the full broadcast of the Marlborough Shamrocks game from August 17th, 2019 as they faced off against the Mill City Eagles of North Chelmsford. Pregame and postgame interviews included!

Shamrocks blow out Eagles at home

Marlborough defeats the Mill City Eagles, 42-13 behind an impressive performance from back up QB, Corey Spencer and two special teams TD's!


Want a fun and active way to stay in shape? Try out the fun game of pickle ball. WMCT-TV News stopped by the yearly senior Pickle Ball tournament at ForeKicks and grabbed a few awesome interviews. Dennis Pollard urged the importance of seniors having fun activities to compete in after retirement... he even mentioned that he and his wife enjoy playing pickle ball together to keep in shape. Mike Silverman loves competing! He enjoys attending the pickle ball activities to see friends and keep active. Watch the news story below...who knows, maybe it will spark your interest in trying something new this fall!

Navy Reservist and History buff puts passions to good use for the community

Matthew Sargent is a Marlborough area native. He is well known in the area for his great volunteer work within the community. On Matt's free time, you will likely find him at local cemeteries honoring fallen war veterans. How you might ask? By cleaning headstones, adding decorations, and even placing markers of remembrance. Matt, comes from a long line of war vets himself and he is also a history buff. Matt decided to turn his passion for history into a way to benefit the city of Marlborough. He gets volunteer assistance from members of the -Sons of the American Revolution- society. If you would like to learn more about Matty Sargent please watch his story below. You can also reach out to hi

Marlborough Crash Causes Brief Closure of Busy Intersection

MARLBOROUGH-A dangerous crash closed down the intersection of Maple and Mill Streets in Marlborough on Thursday morning shortly after 10:30am. Multiple cruisers blocked off the busy intersection after a small silver car collided with a red SUV that bystanders say ran the red light. While very little information has been provided as to the drivers or any injuries they may have suffered in the crash, WMCT News does know two small children were involved in the accident yet did not suffer serious injuries. Traffic was opened back up shortly after 11am following both cars being towed from the scene, one with airbag deployment. We will update this article as more information becomes available.

A Few Good Minutes With...

Congresswoman Lori Trahan sat down to talk to us about how her first year is going and what she is working hard on for city's like Marlborough.

The First Marlborough Youth Police Academy Graduates

After a full week of Police training, the participants of the first ever Marlborough Youth Police Academy are marching their way to graduation. At the academy, cadets experienced real life Police training which included; motor vehicle stops, criminal and motor vehicle law, a K-9 demonstration, get an up close look at a state police helicopter, and about an hour of physical training which included a mile run, pushups, sit-ups and an obstacle course. The Marlborough Police Department plan to continue this program for many years to come. More information regarding next years academy will be found on the Marlborough Police Departments Facebook page or the City Website April of 2020. To see more

Marlborough Makers Install art exhibit at Up To Me Thai Kitchen

Recently, an art exhibit was installed at Up To Me Thai Kitchen over on Boston Post Road. The Marlborough Makers collaborated with art teacher, Alana Conlin of Westbrough public schools to get this exhibit up. The art was created by students in Conlin's fifth grade class. The proceeds from the work will be going to The United Nation's Children's Fund. The Makers are looking for other local businesses that are willing to have art made by local people displayed. Please click below for more on the story!


MARLBOROUGH- If you've been around Marlborough High School recently, you've probably seen the goats that are in the area. You might be wondering what they are doing there. Believe me, they have a bigger purpose than you would think. The City of Marlborough has been following in the footsteps of nearby towns to hire goats for landscaping purposes. These goats are used to help control overgrowth of tricky weeds and poisonous plants especially in areas that are not easy to get to with machinery. According to Priscilla Ryder, Conservation Officer for the City of Marlborough, goats will eat just about anything, even poison ivy, which makes them perfect for getting the job done. They make the land

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