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MCDA Recognized By Mayor Vigeant

An outdoor barbecue was held in the courtyard of the Marlborough Community Development Authority in honor of a very special occasion.

Mary Shannon and her husband had been displaced due to financial difficulties following her husband's diagnosis with cancer. The family was in dire need of immediate housing, and the MCDA was there to help.

"We just want to say thank you, and thank you for being such kind neighbors. This is the way it should be, and it shows what we can do if we just put our minds to helping one another," says Mrs. Shannon.

Mary Shannon presented a certificate of recognition from Mayor Vigeant's office recognizing the MCDA for their efforts under Andrew Skoog, MCDA Program Manager.

"We were able to assist her and her family very quickly to move them in here and take them out of a homelessness situation," says Skoog. "MCDA is a unique agency in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. They, unlike most housing authorities, have an integration with the city on a level that's not seen in other communities which allows us to really further the goals of the community."

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