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Yoga In The Taproom: The Best of Both Worlds

Hudson, MA- With the New Year in full swing, it can be tough to stick to those new workout resolutions while still being able to have some fun. Medusa Brewing in Hudson has found a solution to those winter blues, and it’s called Yoga In The Taproom. Yes, you read that right-you can bring your yoga mat into the brewery, where you receive one beer token to socialize once the class is over.

Yoga In The Taproom was an idea brought to Co-Founder Keith “Sully” Sullivan, who says the events have been a big hit with the community. “We started with a 20-25 person class that went twice a month, and here we are three years later. We only do it once a month, but now we have a 50 person class,” says Sullivan.

Never tried yoga? Not a problem. Medusa’s doors are open to both newcomers and professionals. “What I love about this is that we have people who have never done yoga, and maybe felt intimidated to try it, so this is a more laid back environment,” says yoga instructor Amy Bourque. Most of their beers are even gluten free, catering to those with allergy restrictions and making it an easy transition for those just starting to kick their new year off right. “It’s a great place to try yoga, or maybe just to switch up your environment from the studio-very structured, even flowing class-to something a little bit more lighthearted,” says Sullivan.

To learn more about Yoga In The Taproom or to try it for yourself, you can learn more at

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