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Worcester Hosts March For Our Lives Parade

Over the weekend, thousands flocked to the City of Worcester for the March for Our Lives walk, including one local Marlborough High School student.

Olivia Rainville, Junior Class Vice President at Marlborough High School, coordinated with Principal Caliri and several other students to organize a peaceful walkout on March 14th in honor of the victims in the Valetnine’s Day Parkland tragedy. She continued her support for the victims rallying for change by attending the Walk for Our Lives rally in Worcester, and described the setting as “amazing”, and “very, very inspiring.”

“After the Parkland tragedy happened on February 14th, we kind of had school vacation week right after that so the conversation of how do we react to this didn’t really happen at Marlborough High,” says Rainville. The fact that it was student lead by kids who had been directly affected by gun violence made it that much more powerful for Olivia, drawing the attendance of politicians including Elizabeth Warren.

“Worcester was a lot more bout rallying for change, and keeping our schools safe; keeping our kids safe.” With that in mind, the Vice President of the Junior Class has just one ask of her fellow students to do their part in keeping their environment a safe one. “It all stems from kindness, so I think if we can keep the train of kindness moving through Marlborough High then we’ll all benefit from it,” says Rainville. “Guns have no place in American schools, and there needs to be a change soon. The kids in Parkland have are so, SO inspiring to me, and Marlborough stands in solidarity with them.”

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