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Marian High School Closing Its Doors

Walking the halls of Marian High School, there are no signs that in just a few short months the well-loved school will have its last day in session. "It is difficult for all of us. Really the faculty and staff, they're all looking for work and it's a challenge for everyone," says President John Ermilio.

Over the past few years enrollment has hit a significant decline. "It was obvious that with only 16 students registered for next year's freshman class, we were going to have to make massive layoffs in order to keep the school open. Its was decided that with all of those factors, we would not have been able to complete our mission."

President Ermilio has been bringing in representatives from other schools to help students find a new place to go, and has been trying to keep the school day as normal as possible for the students. "We have been coordinating with St. Joseph's Prep in Brighton and I think a good majority will go there, but this week we also have my Alvernia, Montrose, Notre Dame Academy in Worcester, St. John's High School in Shrewsbury they're all coming to do admissions workshops with the students and families.

The Class of 2018 will be the last class to graduate from Marian High School, and President Ermilio says he is grateful that his students will always have one thing. "While Marian might be closing its doors, and the building will no longer be Marian High School, your Marian memories, and your Marian friendships, and your Marian connections will remain for the rest of your life."

The Class of 2018 is set to graduate on June 14th.

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