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38 Cars Damaged in Vandalism Spree

Courtesy Adriel "AJ" Serrano's Facebook Page

A 23-year-old Hudson man is facing a long list of charges this week after going on a vandalism spree damaging 38 cars. Police arrested Adriel "AJ" Serrano after someone reported a man blocking the roadway on Lincoln Street with a cone and waving a three foot piece of wood. Serrano was found smelling strongly of alcohol and unable to keep his balance, in possession of marquee letters that had gone missing from Bolton Street Tavern.

Police say the extent of the damage caused during Serrano's spree included broken taillights, smashed windshields, keying in profanities and initials to the side of cars and slashing tires before being apprehended, including a car in the Marlborough Police Department parking lot.

While surveillance does exist of Serrano damaging the vehicle in the MPD lot, the footage will not be released until after Serrano's trial.

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