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Chamber of Commerce President Sue Morreale-Leeber Announces Retirement

If you're a resident of Marlborough, you've probably heard the name Sue Leeber more than a few times. If you've been lucky enough to work with her, you know there are no limits to what she can accomplish. "She's Marlborough's cheerleader," says Don Landers, a close friend of Sue Morreale-Leeber's and City Councilman.

The Best Western Ballroom was filled with support on Thursday evening from those whose lives had been touched by her hard work over the years, honoring the many milestones she's made for the City of Marlborough-like bringing in Fidelity and winning more awards than we could count. Flying in from all over the country, Sue's 3 daughters, brother and mother were all there to surprise her as State Representative Danielle Gregoire thanked her for her 31 years of service.

To hear more of this story, watch the video below:

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