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2 Arrested in Marlborough After Main Street Brawl

Two Marlborough men are facing charges of assault & battery with a dangerous weapon after knocking a man to the ground and kicking him repeatedly across from the Walker Building on Main Street.

An unidentified victim says he was walking by the gazebo around 5:30pm on Wednesday when he noticed Randy M Giancola, 41, and approached him to have a conversation regarding a past issue. Giancola, who was with two other men at the time, responded by becoming agitated and struck the victim in the face knocking him to the ground. Giancola was then joined by David J Ciampo, 60, and a third suspect in kicking the victim repeatedly and shouting at him. The victim was able to call police, causing the third suspect to flee. Giancola and Ciampo remained on a park bench until police arrived, at which time they were arrested for assault & battery with a dangerous weapon (shoe) and disorderly conduct.

The injuries sustained to the victim and his condition are unknown.

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