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Marlborough Man Threatens To Murder, Attacks Man With Knives

MARLBOROUGH- Neighbors say a man brandishing two knives and screaming profanities was the reason for an urgent call to police on Sunday afternoon.

At approximately 1:43PM, police responded to 76 Rice Street to find Irbis A. Monrroy, 30 attacking a man and continuing to make death threats.The altercation was said to have begun in the victim's bedroom, where Monrroy allegedly threatened to kill the victim if he did not give him $500 he claimed he was owed. Police were able to secure the weapons quickly, and say alcohol may have been a factor.

In 2012, Monrroy was arrested on similar charges when he attacked another man with a baseball bat. It is unclear what motivated this attack.

Monrroy was placed under arrest, and is now facing charges of threatening to commit a crime, armed assault to murder, assault with a dangerous weapon (knives), and disorderly conduct.

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