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Hopkinton Police Raise Funds For Members Of The Community Battling Cancer

HUDSON- When Hopkinton Police Officer Brian Sanchioni first heard about the Pink Patch Project, he knew right away it was something the Department should get involved with.

“It seemed like a cool idea; it seemed like a cause-worthy idea that I didn’t see why we wouldn’t be able to do it,” said Sanchioni, praising the department for their hard work in fundraising. Hopkinton Police Department sold all 300 patches they had ordered, and chose to donate all proceeds to local residents fighting their battle against cancer through the Cops For Kids With Cancer Foundation.

One of the recipients, local resident Kelly Benson, expressed her gratitude for the department’s efforts that are helping her family through this holiday season. “Insurance only covers so much, so this helps with that and I’m forever grateful to this community,” says Benson.

Yet the department didn’t stop there. 13 officers and 2 dispatchers also participated in No Shave November, which combined with what had been raised through the Pink Patch Project came to over $6,000. All of the funds went directly to members of the community being treated for cancer.

Full video below:

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