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Four Arrested After Being Caught On Camera Shoplifting

MARLBOROUGH- A Netgear router, Skull headphones and a Nintendo 64 gaming system are just a few of the items four men attempted to steal from the Target on Donald Lynch Boulevard shortly after 8:00 PM on Monday.

Loss prevention at the store alerted police when they caught on camera 21 year old Muhammad Anees and 22 year old Othniel Eugene removing the alarm for a Netgear router and placing it in the backpack of 19 year old Mohamed H Mohamed. While this all was happening, 22 year old Mohamed A Mohamed stood guard watching for store employees, and assisted the trio in concealing Playstation games and several other electronics. When officers arrived the men began to hide items in the women’s clothing section and in various spots around the store. A total of $787.64 in merchandise had been concealed as the men circled the store before being taken into custody.

Muhammad Anees, Othneil Eugene, Mohamed H Mohamed and Mohamed A Mohamed are now facing multiple charges including conspiracy, unlawful deactivation of a theft device and shoplifting.

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