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Congresswoman Lori Trahan & Congressman Bobby Scott Address Marlborough Union Labor Workers

MARLBOROUGH- Local State Representative Lori Trahan spoke alongside Virginia Congressman Bobby Scott on Wednesday afternoon in a roundtable discussion hosted by the SEIU Local 509 in Marlborough. The discussion, lead by SEIU Local 509 President Peter Mackinnon, touched on important topics to local union labor workers, addressing concerns regarding pension security, re-entry to the workforce, and unfair labor practice.

"I grew up in a union household, so protecting union rights, protecting the aiblity to collectively bargain for fair, living wages is so important, it's a foundation...and it basically helped my family go from a working class family to a middle class family.

I am one of those daughters who went on to do better things because I had that opportunity. Unions have always been the backbone of our country and they've built the middle class and we need to restore the dignity of work and unions and a path to economic opportunity," says Trahan.

Scott says discussions like these are vital to helping local Congress men & women better understand the needs of their local communities. "One of the things that happens in these discussions is that workers let us know what their most important concerns are, and that helps us set our priorities," says Scott.

To see more, watch the video below:

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