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Marlborough Chamber of Commerce hosts Golf Classic

MARLBOROUGH- On Monday July 29th, The Marlborough Chamber of Commerce hosted its 45th annual golf classic tournament at Marlborough Country Club. The tournament not only served as a chance to raise funds for future events, but also as a networking opportunity within the Chamber. Chair of the board Mike Rodrigues descried it as a great way for both members and non-members to get together and have some fun.

When golfers arrived they were able to start the day with stretching exercises lead by one of the Chamber's sponsors. After, golfers headed to the course to get the day rolling. They were sent in groups and each golfer received a mini bluetooth speaker as well as golf balls and tees that were donated. Throughout the course, golfers could find mini events and competitions taking place that they were able to participate in. One of them was put on by the Yo Pros, a group of rising young professionals in Marlborough, who were then able to promote the committee as a whole to passing golfers.

As golfers wrapped up their day on the course, they could come back to find local businesses such as The Rolling Stogies and Medusa Brewing Company. Liz and Greg McFarland, local golf pros at Marlborough Country Club, were also in attendance offering a golf lesson to those supporting. Later in the afternoon, golfers were invited to a sponsored networking lunch at the club. CEO Robert Schlacter, described the day as a great opportunity for new members especially to be able to talk to the sponsors and local businesses as they continue to grow the Chamber. Schlacter called the day a huge success and said it helped the Chamber reach some of its goals to bring everyone together. You can check out the video with more on the story below or see it this week on WMCT news.

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