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Marlborough Makers continue to expand

The first time that I met with the Marlborough Makers, was at the first farmer's market. They are a volunteer group dedicated to trying to get more art into Marlborough and the surrounding communities. At the first farmer's market, they had a table set up for people to paint rocks. This allowed people to bond while painting and also got them a lot of attention.

This past week at the farmer's market, the Marlborough Makers had two local art vendors featured. Gail Barbara owns "Once Upon A Garden" and creates different decorations for gardens. Aysha Foreman is a local student who grows plants and then sells them. She uses the plant pots found at Saver's here in Marlborough because she doesn't want to see them go to waste.

The Makers are continuing to look for more local artists, musicians, writers, and thinkers in the area to join their efforts in adding more art to our city.

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