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Two recent crashes in Berlin remind us all to pay attention while driving

BERLIN- Recently, Central Street in Berlin has been a popular area for crashes. One crash took place on July 23rd and was captured on video. The video shows the car driving and then crashing into a pole and flipping over. The footage for this accident was not released untill August 12. On August 13th, another accident occurred in the same spot.

According to police, the first driver was cited for texting and driving. The second driver did not admit to texting and driving but Police Chief Thomas Galvin says it was most likely some form of distracted driving that caused the accident. The second accident still remains under investigation.

Both drivers walked away from these crashes with minor injuries. Chief Galvin says, "if people are paying attention while driving, it shouldn't be an issue."

Both of these accidents are reminder to PLEASE pay attention while driving. No phone call, text or snapchat is worth your life. These drivers are safe luckily, but drive now and do everything else later.

To view the story, please click the link below.

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