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Is Toxic Algae really a concern?

It is warm and sunny out, of course families and animals want to cool off in the near by ponds and lakes...but is it safe to do so? Many have been questioning the water safety lately with the alarming number of reported high algae illnesses and deaths this summer across the United States.

Do not fret! According to Marlborough Conservation Officer Priscilla Ryder, toxic algae is not in fact that common. She urges that there has to be a "perfect storm" of sorts in order for it to actually be toxic.

She cautions to keep out of bodies of water that look highly murky, or as she says water that has a "pea soup" look to it. Priscilla also mentioned that local bodies of water are tested often. She wants the public to be educated on what to look keep your family safe this summer as you enjoy the fun in the sun. Click the

video below for more information on what to look for.

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