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Local High School Students Work on Special Project for a Homeless Veteran

In May, Assabet Valley carpentry students and teachers started work on a special project. They began building a tiny home for a homeless veteran in Maine right in the carpentry room of Assabet Valley. The project is something that head carpentry teacher, Bill Italiano has wanted to do for years. He wanted them to start building these types of tiny homes for victims of Katrina but it wasn't a task that could easily be done. While Maine isn't as easy, it is much closer.

The project was initially funded by the CF Adams Foundation but after work got out about this project, many others donated to make this happen. The home will be fully functional and was drawn out to be based on the veteran's needs. While the building of the house has been going on at Assabet, work on the foundation and other vital needs is going on in Maine.

This past Monday, there was a discussion of the process and progress with the project. The veteran this home is being built for, Ryan was also in attendance through video chat and was able to see the progress of his future home.

The projects allows students under the carpentry, electric and plumbing programs to gain experience and know that they are doing something important and selfless for someone in need.

The target delivery date for the house is Veterans Day. For more on this story, please click the link below!

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