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Dunkin' Ditches Foam Cups

On November 15, Dunkin' launched the 'Double Cup Breakup' campaign in New England. Most likely, you or someone you know is a 'double-cupper'. 'Double-cupping', or using a foam cup to insulate a cold drink, is a habit unique to the New England area. Dunkin' said it's ditching foam cups because foam is not sustainable. Replacing the foam cups are double-walled paper cups with a different texture to help keep drinks warm.

In an effort to serve its customers and the plant more responsibly, Dunkin' is taking steps to eliminate waste, starting with foam. By December 1, all New England locations will be foam-free, making double-cupping a thing of the past. Next year, Dunkin' wants to eliminate all foam products globally. The campaign reminds customer that while its hard, change can also be a good thing.

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