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Massachusetts Distracted Driving Bill

MARLBOROUGH- Massachusetts Governor, Charlie Baker, signed a new bill into law on Monday to prevent distracted driving. Nicknamed the "Hands-Free Driving Bill", it requires drivers to keep both hands on the wheel. While many things distract drivers, the most distracting is their cell phones. Massachusetts law already bans texting and driving. Under this new law, talking on the phone while driving is off-limits. In fact, even holding a device while driving is against the law. While driving, devices must be in hands-free mode to use. Navigation systems must also be mounted.

If caught, drivers face fines ranging from $100 to $500. A driver who commits a second or any subsequent offense would also be required to complete a RMV program about distracted driving. While the law goes into effect February of next year, drivers will not be fined until April. Massachusetts is the last state in New England to implement a hands-free driving law.

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