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Honoring deceased war Veteran Robert Eames

On December 7th, 2019 the City of Marlborough held a special re-interring ceremony for deceased war veteran, and former Marlborough resident --Robert Eames (1738-1821) at Wilson Cemetery.

Eames had ten children while living in the city. He fought in the Revolutionary War as well as both the French and Indian Wars.

Mayor Arthur Vigeant along with the Marlborough Historical Society are working diligently to keep history alive and revitalized. They see the importance of bringing the community together to honor deceased war veterans. Mayor Vigeant recently stated in a press release about the event " By bringing Robert Eames back to a pristine resting place at Wilson Cemetery, we not only show respect for a fallen hero but also openly honor the character of Marlborough's residents, past and present".

For the full story watch here

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