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U-Mass Marlborough Hospital Offers Holiday Meals To Staff, Patients & Visitors

MARLBOROUGH-Doctors, nurses and visitors lined up for a festive feast at UMass Memorial Hospital in Marlborough on Tuesday morning in the cafeteria. Yet this time, when they got to the front of the line, they learned there was no charge for anything on their plate.

Vice President of Development, Marketing & Communications at UMass Memorial Ellen Carlucci says it's all just their way to say thank you to those who work hard every day to help save lives and offer up a warm plate to those in the community they serve. "We want to thank them for the hard work they do each and every day taking care of our patients, their family members, videos. They're in all hours of the day and night." Dressed head to toe herself as the elf greeting each person who came through the cafeteria doors, Carlucci says it was a team effort by both upper management and kitchen staff at UMass. "We have all of our directors and managers, including our CEO serving the meal and we dress up to make it festive."

When asked why they came up with the idea to open up their holiday buffet to the community, Carlucci says it was nearly a no-brainer. "We've been in Marlboroiugh since 1913 and we really are a community hospital," she says. "We care for our co-workers, we care for our patients, and we care for the communities."

Watch the full story below:

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