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Marlborough's 81st Municipal Inauguration Recap

MARLBOROUGH- On the first Monday of the new year, Mayor Vigeant and members of the city council and school committee swore into office. In the War Memorial Auditorium at the Whitcomb School, city officials and residents gathered for the city of Marlborough's 81st Inaugural Exercises. In his inauguration speech, Mayor Vigeant highlighted Marlborough's success over the last 8 years. He included that the city's success was achieved with the help of many others. The city is in the best financial shape in its history and was also voted one of the 10 best Boston suburb communities for the 2019 year. For the upcoming year, a new fire station and renovations to the French Hill neighborhood are expected.

Following the ceremony, city council members held a meeting to elect a city council president for the new year. In an unanimous vote, Councilor Ossing was elected president. With another unanimous vote, Councilor Robey was elected vice president.

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