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Marlborough Hospital To Add New Womens' Imaging Center

MARLBOROUGH-Marlborough Hospital announced earlier this week a big change is coming to the local campus. A new women's imaging center will be coming to town next fall, breaking ground as early as next month.

"It'll be beautiful," says Ellen Carlucci, Vice President of Development, Marketing and Communication at Marlborough Hospital. "It's a 4,000 square foot single-story building that will have a full compliment of women's imaging services, including 3D mammography that helps with early detection, 'ABUS' which is the automated breast ultrasound system, we'll have bone density testing, breast ultrasound, and we're hoping we have genetic testing."

Why Marlborough when there is already a fully functional facility nearby? Carlucci says bringing the imaging center directly to the already established local hospital was a move that made sense for not only for the convenience of local patients, but also for staff to have both cancer prevention and treatment under nearly the same roof. "It has been great being in Southborough, but it's a little bit out of the way," she explained. "We did it based upon a lot of feedback from our patients through the years. If, God forbid, somebody gets a diagnosis where they need additional services such as surgery or cancer treatment, they'll be able to do that here at the hospital or at our cancer center located on the north side of the building."

At a presentation Tuesday morning, City officials agreed the new addition will be a big plus for Marlborough. "The Council was extremely enthusiastic about it," said Councilor-At-Large Michael Ossing. "It brings in a great service, it will benefit all the residents of Marlborough, as well as increase taxes to help lower the tax base. So it's really a win-win for both the residents and the hospital staff."

Mayor of Marlborough Arthur Vigeant echoed similar praises for the new project, being constructed in the very same hospital in which he himself was born. "It's just a great addition for the City and for the Umass-Marlborough Hospital."

To see the full video, watch the link below:

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