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"No Donation Is Too Small": MEDC Asks For Public's Help In Providing Protective Equipm

With the numbers mounting daily as our hospitals and first responders continue to work on the front lines fighting the battle against Coronavirus, local businesses have been stepping up to help make sure our local heroes have the equipment they need to protect both themselves and the Marlborough community.

Meredith Harris, Executive Director of the Marlborough Economic Development Corporation says while she is so grateful for the generous donations from the Marlborough community, the need continues to grow daily. "It’s a brand new issue to have, but we were really excited with the response right away and it’s uplifting to see people in our community jumping at the chance to help in response," says Harris, who is leading the local effort alongside the Mayor of Marlborough to collect personal protective equipment (PPE) from anyone that can help. "In dark times, it's really cool to see how people come together to support each other."

While larger companies with the ability to produce mass equipment like Allegro Microsystems have also stepped in to additionally donate approximately 5,000 masks, Harris emphasized that anything the public can offer is helpful-so don't think your donation is too big, or too small. "Lost Shoe responded right away with 15 masks. Every donation is appreciated and goes along way towards keeping our friends safe on the from lines."

If you are a local business who may be able to help in offering gowns, aprons, face masks, hand sanitizer, gloves or eye protection, contact Meredith Harris at and see the following press release for more information.

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