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Senator Ed Markey Visits Marlborough

MARLBOROUGH- U.S. Senator Ed Markey visited Marlborough to show support for local service employees. The workers at Thrive Support and Advocacy rallied with members of SEIU Local 509 before their union election. The Service Employee International Union represents more than 20,000 service workers and educators across the state. Of those, 7,000 are service workers like the employees at Thrive.

Senator Markey joined workers and members for a rally to support and thank Thrive employees for their front-line work during the COVID-19 pandemic. WMCT's Meghan Parsons got the chance to speak with the Senator about issues important to local voters ahead of the election this fall. Elected in 2013, Senator Markey runs opposed against U.S. Representative Joe Kennedy III.

Watch to hear Senator Markey's remarks on recent Black Lives Matters protests, local issues and more.

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