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Residential Project at McGee Farm Sparks Concern

MARLBOROUGH- Developers seek a special permit to build an apartment complex on the McGee Farm property. At a city council meeting, councilors opened the floor to the public who had the chance to voice their support or concern over the project.

More than a dozen residents called in to the meeting to oppose the project. The most common concern, an increase in traffic. Residents also worry the construction will hurt the land's ecosystem and influx of residents will place on a strain on city resources.

But no one shares these concerns more than Lila Rule. She has boarded her horses at McGee Farm the last 13 years, but recently started living on the farm. She thinks the farm is not the right property for the proposed project. Rule hopes with more time, someone will want to purchase the farm and keep its history.

City councilors voted to send the proposal back to the urban affairs committee for further review.

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