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Arts for the MASSes: Connected, the Musical

Connected, the musical is a new piece by Kathryn Denney of Marlborough, Massachusetts. It will be performed by Dramatically Incorrect, Inc. June 21-23, 2024 at Chelmsford Center for the Arts. More info at

In this episode, Ryan sits down with the cast and director of the new musical "Connected" which explores themes of transgender identity, mental health, and finding one's true self in the modern world. Director Mic and actors Izzy, Esmeralda, and Jack share insights into their characters, the show's authentic casting approach, and personal connections they have to the powerful story. They discuss representation on stage, navigating social media and bullying, mentorship within the LGBTQ+ community, and the journey of transgender discovery.

With humor, vulnerability, and pride, this talented group gives a behind-the-scenes look at bringing this timely, hope-filled musical to life. Don't miss this engaging conversation about "Connected" and its celebration of being your authentic self.


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