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Behind the Scenes: Building a Mobile Video Production Kit for Live Streaming

When our studio would do a broadcast from a remote location we often got overwhelmed with the sheer amount of gear we had to bring with us. Tons of cables and power could quickly get confusing resulting in many headaches and a set-up that was never quite the same. We built a mobile video production unit using the gear we already had and it has saved us so much time and wasted energy! We built this unit in a repurposed hard case that was used for an old (now retired) lighting kit. Although there are other good sized cases available online for digital (music) keyboards and ... ahem.. you'll see. We use T-Mobile for our mobile hotspot solution.

The other major gear we use includes

Atem Mini Pro video switcher

Mac Book Pro with ECamm software

Zoom Podtrack P8 for Audio

Atmos Ninja recording monitor

Usb- c Hub by Hyperdrive


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