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Catch up on "Master the Science of Miracles"

In this episode of "Master the Science of Miracles", host Ron Matthews recaps the key principles and techniques covered so far in the program focused on manifesting desires through the power of thought and emotion. He reviews the three components of human beings - the conscious, subconscious, and transcendent self - and how they interact to create reality. Matthews revisits practices like cultivating the "energy of miracles" through breathwork, affirmations for mental housekeeping, and creating vivid "memories from the future" by associating intense positive emotions with the desired outcome visualization. He emphasizes entering the alpha brainwave state to bypass cognitive dissonance. He also discusses identifying and clearing subconscious blocks, beliefs and "contracts" that cause resistance through techniques like muscle testing and tapping. Matthews outlines the full process of manifesting miracles by imprinting emotions on the mental video and transmitting the intention to the transcendent self. The host promises future episodes with specific examples related to manifesting wealth, health and relationship goals. Stay tuned to master this ancient, step-by-step system for transforming your reality!

Episode 8


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