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Corner Office - November 2023

🎥 Join us for the latest episode of Corner Office featuring an engaging conversation with Mayor Arthur Vigeant! Reflecting on achievements, Mayor Vigeant shares highlights from a heartfelt celebration honoring his dedication to our city. From the unexpected recognition to unique stories, this episode is filled with touching anecdotes and insightful updates.

👉 Listen in as we discuss various initiatives around Marlborough, including a beautifully dedicated bench at Memorial Beach to honor Bob Kays, insights on Restaurant Week, the upcoming Veterans Day Parade, mural projects, infrastructure grants, and much more.

🏛️ Gain deep insights into the roles of City Council and the Mayor, and the harmony between legislative and executive duties. From housing grants to community initiatives, we explore the behind-the-scenes dynamics that keep our city running seamlessly.

🗳️ With elections just around the corner, Mayor Vigeant shares thoughts on the upcoming transitions and what he expects from the new administration, urging everyone to exercise their right to vote.

🌟 Stay tuned for an enriching episode, filled with candid conversations and a glimpse into the inner workings of city governance. Join us in celebrating Mayor Vigeant's remarkable tenure and gain insights into the future of our beloved city! Don't forget to vote on Tuesday and be part of shaping the future! 🗳️✨ #CornerOffice#MayorVigent#MarbCity#CommunityEngagement#ElectionSeason#CityGovernance


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