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Corner Office with Mayor Arthur Vigeant - October 2023

On the October episode of "Corner Office," Ryan Malyar, the executive director at WMCTV, and Mayor Arthur Vigeant cover a number of issues. They discuss the successful 71st Labor Day Parade, giving credit to Melanie Whapham for organizing it brilliantly despite the hot weather. The grand reopening of the library is highlighted, emphasizing its beauty, preservation of the historic Carnegie building, and ongoing efforts to raise funds. Mayor Vigeant also addresses the challenges related to the migrant situation, emphasizing the need for federal attention.The conversation shifts to various city events and initiatives, including the Hazardous Waste Day on October 7th, and a Resource Fair for senior citizens. The discussion touches on the Horribles Parade, the Rec Department's Scarecrow Competition, and the upcoming preliminary election with four mayoral candidates.The Mayor clarifies some points raised in a recent debate, particularly regarding the westside fire station, emphasizing the complexity of negotiations with various stakeholders. The conversation concludes on a positive note, highlighting the city's $12 million in free cash, its allocation to stabilization and OPEB funds, and ongoing projects such as Main Street improvements, the Lake Williams boardwalk, and a new mural on Maple Street. The episode ends with optimism for the city's future.


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