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Explore Counseling in Marlborough Public Schools

October 2023 episode of Superintendent's Corner: The superintendent Mary Murphy was joined by several other administrators including the new supervisor of guidance for grades 6-12, Carol Cohen.

Carol Cohen discussed her background and goals, including improving equity and access for students to guidance counselors. She wants to ensure all students get the same opportunities and information.

Cohen is working to build relationships between students and counselors, starting with "one minute meetings" at the middle school so counselors meet briefly with each student.

At the high school, Cohen is focused on college and career planning, using Naviance software starting in 9th grade for assessments and exploration. Seniors are reminded to request transcripts through Naviance for college applications.

Cohen is meeting with college reps visiting the high school to get information on financial aid, merit aid, etc. to share with students to support the college process.

Reducing chronic absenteeism and reaching out to students who dropped out to re-enroll are priorities. Streamlining re-enrollment and credit recovery options are available.

Cohen is working with the alternative education director and high school leadership on initiatives like using Hildreth School. Her goals center on improving equity and access to guidance counseling. Produced by the Marlborough Public Schools in collaboration with WMCT-TV


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