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Getting Healthy Without Rules- Disrupt the Disconnect

This episode of Getting Healthy Without Rules features special guest Caryl Mix. Caryl is a Life and Business Coach Strategist.

In this episode, we will take a deep dive into

-Understanding ourselves and specifically our connection and disconnection from our bodies

-How disconnection impacts our lives -Noticing the warning signs of disconnection

-Tools to reconnect with ourselves and our bodies

Be sure to stay until the end for this week's practice.

Lisa Dahl Wellness in collaboration with WMCT-TV, Marlborough presents Getting Healthy Without Rules. Lisa's non-diet approach to health & wellness helps us learn how to shift from judgement to curiosity while learning how to give yourself some compassion along the way. Learn how to connect your Mind, Body, & Heart to make choices that are impactful and make a difference in your overall health and wellness.


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