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Homebuying 101 with Sebastián Cordóba

🏡 Welcome to "Homebuying 101 with Sebastian Cordoba"! In this exciting episode, Sebastian is joined by special guest Roberto Ciccarelli, AKA Bob from Ciccarelli Homes Real Estate. They dive into essential topics like whether now is the right time to buy and the importance of using a real estate agent when selling your home. Don't miss out on valuable insights and expert advice! 🔥 Topics covered: 1️⃣ Is Now a Good Time to Buy? 2️⃣ The Role of a Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home 3️⃣ Should You Wait for Lower Interest Rates? 4️⃣ Strategies for Winning in a Competitive Market 5️⃣ Why Own Instead of Renting 6️⃣ The Benefits of Working with an Experienced Realtor 7️⃣ Selling Stats: How Using a Realtor Can Boost Your Sale Price 8️⃣ Don't Get Caught Up in the Naysayers – Buy Within Your Means! 👏 Special Guest: Roberto Ciccarelli (Bob) Owner of Ciccarell Homes Real Estate Tune in, like, comment, share, and subscribe for more real estate insights! Join us in the journey of homeownership and make 2024 your year to own. Let's talk some real estate! 🏡


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