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Marlborough- Ranked Choice Voting is question number two on the 2020 Massachusetts Ballot - right now when you vote you just check off one box, only naming one candidate, now question two would allow you to rank your favorite to least favorite.

WMCT spoke with Doctor Joseph Coelho, a Political Science Professor at Framingham State. He explains, voters would be able to rank your most desire to least desired candidates in order.

Right now, voters can only choose one candidate, meaning a candidate could win with only 40% of Massachusetts town that has ranked choice voting, as well as up north in New Hampshire. Some say rank choice voting could change the view of third party candidates because voters would not longer see them as a "spoiler"

The biggest argument against ranked choice voting – is the change and the possibility of bringing confusion to voters, more resources and time will be needed. Governor Charlie Baker shares similar concerns saying, that the confusion and risk of error while counting votes, is not worth the risk. Experts say rank choice voting could change the way candidates campaign because they have to appeal to more voters. If you vote yes on question two – rank choice voting would be in affect in 2022 and a no vote will keep voting the same by only selecting on candidate while at the polls.


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