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Local Nonprofits Collaborate for Community Impact

Volunteers in Action: Local Nonprofits Collaborate for Community Impact

In this episode of Volunteers in Action, representatives from the Marlborough Lions Club and the GFWC Marlborough Junior Women's Club discuss their organizations' histories, projects, and collaboration on an upcoming community event. The Marlborough Lions, founded in 1950, focus on vision/eye care and helping community members in need. The Marlborough Juniors, founded in 1964, advocate for women and children through education, literacy, and health initiatives. Both groups share how they decide on projects to take on, as well as highlights from favorite past projects. They then outline plans for the 2024 Family Fun Festival, a collaborative community event also involving the Marlborough Rotary Club and Eagles Club on May 5 at Ward Park. The goal is to bring Marlborough families together for free fun and entertainment. This video provides insight into how nonprofits work together to better serve their community. Both the Lions and Juniors emphasize that volunteers are vital to their efforts. Viewers interested in getting involved are encouraged to reach out!


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