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Marlborough Candidates for Public Office Invited to Record Campaign Messages at WMCT-TV

August 23, 2023

Candidates For Public Office:

On behalf of WMCT-TV, I would like to extend an invitation to you to record a campaign message that will be shown on WMCT-TV and on our social media platforms beginning October 1st and continue through the October 10th Preliminary Election. Following the Preliminary, video messages of the remaining candidates will continue to air until the General Election on November 7th. This invitation is limited solely to you as the candidate, and does not extend to any other party.

To assure each candidate a fair and equal opportunity, here are the particulars for the recording process and the playback of your completed announcement:

The Recording

  • The announcement will be limited to a total duration of five (5) minutes; there is no minimum time duration.

  • The announcement will be recorded by the station’s staff in our studio at 91 Main Street.

  • The set will consist of a podium and an appropriate background. This will be the same set for each candidate. No additions or changes to the set will be permitted. Campaign buttons may not be worn.

  • We will provide 30 minutes of studio time in which to record your announcement. This should be more than adequate time to obtain the best possible presentation.

  • Scheduling of studio time will be done on a “first come-first serve” basis by RESERVING YOUR SPOT ONLINE HERE or calling the station at (508) 481-1373. Ask for Ryan or Mike. We are holding the following blocks of time for you. Please have a few options in mind.

Tuesday September 5 12PM-8PM

Tuesday September 12 10AM- 8PM

Friday September 15 10AM-8PM

Thursday September 21 4PM-8PM

LAST DAY to RECORD Friday September 22 10AM- 8PM

  • WMCT-TV will handle all of the production elements needed to record your announcement.

  • You may bring whomever you wish to assist you in making your announcement, limited only by the space available in the studio/control room area; however, the announcement is restricted solely to the candidate.

  • The studio teleprompter may be used for your announcement. All speeches must be submitted to our staff by via THIS GOOGLE FORM at least 24 hours before your scheduled studio time. If you have any difficulty with the form, you may email your speech to

  • A lower third super of your name and the office you are seeking will be shown throughout your announcement.

  • When you are in for your 30 minutes of studio time, you may not watch other candidates speeches.

  • If you choose not to take advantage of this opportunity, your name and/or likeness will not appear in the completed program.

Cablecast Time

  • The completed announcements will be grouped by the office being sought.

  • The order of the announcement within each group will be the order in which they were completed.

We would also like to remind you that in addition to these announcements which are being recorded by the station’s staff, as a Marlborough resident you may produce and record your own program for airing on Marlborough Access, the local access channel, providing you complete the required training and abide by the station policies. If this is of interest to you, contact Ryan Malyar for more information at (508) 481-1373.

To Recap

We hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to get your message out, in your own words, directly to the viewers of WMCT-TV.

Please call me (508) 481-1373 or email me ( if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your time and good luck to all!


Ryan Malyar

Executive Director, WMCT-TV


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