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Marlborough Minute - Parkinson's Disease Support Group

🎥 On this episode, we welcome back familiar faces and introduce some new ones, all coming together to shed light on living with Parkinson's Disease in our community. 🌟 👥 Meet Chip Feazel, Rosemary Owen, Jim Joubert, and Carol Raiano, as they share their personal experiences and insights. From advice to camaraderie, this group has it all! 🗣️ Dive into the conversation as they discuss the journey of Jim's Parkinson's support group, from its humble beginnings to making waves in the community. Plus, hear about their recent participation in the Labor Day Parade and their plans for the future! 🤝 Discover the power of community as they highlight the importance of support groups, resources, and connection. Whether it's sharing stories, finding answers, or simply being there for one another, every interaction makes a difference. 🌟 Let's continue to raise awareness, foster empathy, and build a community where everyone feels supported and valued. Tune in to Marlborough Minute and be inspired to make a difference! #MarlboroughMinute #CommunitySupport


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