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Marlborough Public Library Grand Reopening

Exciting News! The Marlborough Public Library is officially reopened. Join us in celebrating this momentous occasion as the community comes together for the grand reopening that was held on October 2nd. Mayor Vigeant shares his excitement about the city's fantastic new facility. State representatives, Danielle Gregoire and Carmine Gentile, express gratitude for state funding and community support. The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners congratulates Marlborough on this remarkable achievement.Library Director, Sara

Belisle emphasizes the library's dynamic role in meeting community needs, evolving with the times, and fostering equity. Mayor Vigeant acknowledges the collaborative effort of various groups, including the building committee, foundation, and trustees, in making the library a reality. Fred Haas, Chair of the Board of Trustees, shares a touching story about the importance of public libraries.Explore the transformed space, filled with new opportunities, programs, and a welcoming environment for all.#MarlboroughLibrary #GrandReopening #CommunityCelebration #LibraryLove


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