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Master The Science of Miracles- Ep 9 Demolishing Your Personal Demons

Demolishing Your Personal Demons

We all carry around subconscious beliefs and patterns that can sabotage our efforts to achieve our desires. These deep-seated "personal demons" often originate from experiences and programming in early childhood when our minds were in hypnotic brain wave states. As we work towards manifesting our intended outcomes, these demons inevitably surface, creating cognitive dissonance - feelings of discomfort like anxiety, guilt, fear, or anger that conflict with our conscious intentions. If left unaddressed, this inner turmoil can completely derail us.

The first step is to become aware of the specific demon getting triggered. You may need to "interrogate your subconscious" through muscle testing or pendulum work to identify the root emotion. Once you've pinpointed it, consciously rate its intensity on a scale of 1-10.

There are two powerful processes to demolish these demons. The first utilizes specialized tapping points on the body that can shift your brain's neurology to interrupt the demon's grip. The second is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), which combines affirming statements with a thorough tapping sequence on acupuncture meridians. With persistence, you can clear even the most stubborn personal demons that have been weighing you down for years. This liberating work may leave you feeling lighter, as if an energetic burden has been lifted. Honor any need to rest afterward, as profound energy shifts have occurred. Consistently demolishing your personal demons is essential for aligning your subconscious beliefs with your conscious intentions to manifest your greatest desires.


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