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MARLBOROUGH- Hockey is back but players, coaches and spectators must follow a new set of rules to play. Players must be dressed before they enter the rink, temperature checks, and must submit to contact tracing. Aside from safety guidelines out of state players and games are banned. Fortunately, the biggest affect of this rule is a shortened season and smaller championship league.

WMCT asked the Marlborough High Hockey Coach and Captain what were the hardest adjustments for their team. Captain Matthew Farrell says, he transition to online learning was tough but playing hockey with a wet mask is tougher. To make playing hockey in a mask easier, Farrell has been running with a mask on to build his endurance.

Coach Mike O'Brian says the restrictions will impact youth teams the most because older and younger players are not encouraged mesh. He says, watching older kids play is a huge part of sports development for children. As of now, if everything goes as planned hockey will return in mid December.


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