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Nunthing To Lose: Ep 1 Rooted in Justice: Sister Margaret's Fight Against Homelessness

Join us for an insightful conversation with Sister Margaret, a member of the Little Sisters of the Assumption order residing at Alliance Health at Marie Esther. In this podcast episode, Sister Margaret shares her inspiring journey and the mission behind her work with families experiencing homelessness and poverty. She provides a fascinating glimpse into the innovative programs and agencies she has helped create to provide shelter, education, childcare and other vital support services to homeless families in various communities across the United States. Sister Margaret also discusses her recent efforts to engage the World Bank on poverty issues, as well as the impactful books she has authored detailing the transformative stories of women overcoming homelessness. Throughout the interview, Sister Margaret highlights the unique camaraderie and shared commitment to justice among the five religious congregations living together at Alliance Health's Marie Esther community. Her passion for empowering marginalized families shines through as she looks ahead to deepening lay involvement in carrying forward this crucial mission. Don't miss this poignant episode showcasing the extraordinary lives and social justice work of the sisters at Alliance Health at Marie Esther. Subscribe for more inspirational stories from these remarkable women.


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