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Sleeping Your Way to Better Health

Welcome to Getting Healthy Without Rules

This show is about understanding the things that impact your wellness and finding ways to improve it. I support a non-diet, no-rules approach to health and wellness. Health and wellness is a moving target; we all have different needs and opportunities to improve our wellness. This approach allows you to make the best choice with the information you have right now. It helps you to be present, flexible, and resilient.

In addition, I support you in moving from judgment to curiosity and offering yourself self-compassion. It’s time we are all a little kinder to ourselves.

This episode of Getting Healthy Without Rules features special guest Kali Patrick, a Sleep and Wellbeing Coach who is a sleep expert.

In today’s episode, we dive deeper into sleep: Why sleep is one of the foundations of health and wellness What do we mean by good, refreshing sleep Why do so many of us struggle to get enough sleep And ways we can improve our sleep, including resources available to those who are truly struggling

For this week's practice, you can download a chapter of Kali's book, Mastering Your Sleep Puzzle: Your 12-Week Guide to Sleeping Better,, and find one small action you can take to your path to refreshing sleep.

You can learn more about Kali here: or

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