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Veterans' Corner - Episode 5

Today, we delve into the life of Krysta Koppenal-Lynch, a remarkable United States Navy veteran, and honored Woodrow Houde, the first man from Marlborough killed in action during World War II. Krysta shared her journey from planning to be a teacher to spontaneously joining the Navy, becoming a ship serviceman responsible for crew morale. She served on the USS Samuel Gompers, an auxiliary destroyer based in California. Krysta also spoke about memorable experiences during Westpac tours, including surviving an earthquake in Guam. Krysta's involvement with the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and the Marlborough Veterans Council showcases her ongoing commitment to supporting local veterans and their families. A special thanks to Krysta for sharing her incredible story, and we remember and honor Woodrow Houde for his sacrifice and service to our nation. Stay tuned for more stories on Veterans' Corner! 🇺🇸🎗️ #VeteransVoices#HonoringService#MarlboroughPride


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