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Veterans' Voices - Episode 8

Welcome to this month's episode of Veterans' Voices hosted by Matty Sargent and Michael Hennessy, Director of Marlborough Veterans' Services. On this episode, they sit down with Navy veteran Lou Papile, exploring his journey from Marlborough to the high seas and back. Lou shares his story of joining the Navy after guidance from a family friend, recounting his training and assignments aboard the USS King. Lou vividly describes his experiences, including tense encounters with Soviet ships and memorable ports of call like Istanbul and Barcelona. Reflecting on his service from 1980 to 1984, Lou highlights the camaraderie and challenges faced during this pivotal era in naval history. Later in the program, Lou discusses his involvement with veterans' organizations in Marlborough, emphasizing the importance of community and support for veterans of all ages. The episode closes with a tribute to Army Sergeant William Rogers, followed by updates from Marlborough Veterans' Services. Join Matty Sargent and Michael Hennessy as they uncover the rich tapestry of Lou Papile's naval career and the enduring impact of veterans' service on Marlborough and beyond.


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