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WMCT-TV shows are broadcast locally on Comcast Channel 8 and Verizon Channel 34WATCH VIDEO ON DEMAND

The Real First Responders

This program gets you up close and personal with the men and women of the Marlborough Police and Fire Departments.  Sure, we'll show you the drama of a call when it happens, but what we're really trying to do is give you the opportunity to get to know the first responders that show up when you need them most!

This show is hosted by Dan Guindon and produced in partnership with the Marlborough Police and Fire Departments.


This is YOUR news Marlborough!

We give you a weekly look at the stories in the city and, sometimes, the surrounding communities.

Anchored by Emmalyn Anderson with Brittany Baldassari and Jasmine Mooloo reporting.

First Edition

It's news, but in a longer, more detailed way of telling the story.  There are plenty of segments that fit right into the format of this program including Corner Office with Mayor Arthur Vigeant and Business Break with the MEDC.

This show is anchored by Dan Guindon.

In Case You Missed It

News, and the world, travels FAST!  Sometimes you may not have time to catch our top stories on WMCT News.  So that is where this program can be helpful as we repeat the top news stories of the month.

This program is anchored by Brittany Baldassari.

WMCT Sports Wrap

With three high schools in the city of Marlborough, there are a lot of sports to go around and our team does a great job of covering them all.  This show covers MHS, AV and AMSA.

Anchored by Matt Besachio.

WMCT Game Day

Watch your favorite student athletes here!  WMCT gets out to a couple of games every week to give you full game coverage from MHS, AV and AMSA.

WMCT Specials

There is a lot going on in Marlborough and you'll find our cameras covering most of it.  From business awards shows to political debates and the Hero's Cup at New England Sports Center...we cover them all.

City Council & School Committee Meeting

We go live with all City Council, School Committee and sub-committee meetings in the city of Marlborough.

Movie House

They don't make movies like they used to....and sometimes that is good!  You be the judge with these classic films found in public domain.

Classic TV

Just like with old films, they don't always make tv shows like they used to.  We give you public domain shows from the old days.

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