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WMCT-TV was started back in 1982 by Prime Cable Company.  Back then it was only one station.  At first the name was “WMCT channel 30″, which was later changed to “WMCT channel 3.”  In 1998 the WMCT name was dropped and “m3″ was born.  Then a lineup change with the newest cable company, Comcast, brought about “m8″.  In 2000 we gained another channel.  It was named “m10″ until 2004 when it took on the old favorite name of “WMCT”.  

Today, the Marlborough Cable Trust includes  three stations; WMCT (Verizon Channel 34 and Comcast Channel 8) which broadcasts government meetings and programs created by the professional staff at WMCT, Marlborough Access (Verizon Channel 33 and Comcast Channel 96) which broadcasts programs created by the public and the Educational Channel (Verizon Channel 35 and Comcast Channel 98) which broadcasts programs produced by all of the public and private schools in Marlborough.  With a small, yet strong and dedicated staff, WMCT produces several regular programs and we are always brainstorming new show ideas!


To provide the residents of Marlborough with a dependable community based view of the city. We strive to supply our viewers with the best possible coverage of local events and politics.


  • Mayor Arthur Vigeant – Chairperson

  • Mike Bergeron – Board Member

  • Linda Ossing – Board Member

  • Gregory Franks – Board Member

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