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Special Olympics Headquarters Hosts Annual Polar Plunge

In celebration of their 50th anniversary as a movement, the Special Olympics Headquarters in Marlborough hosted their third annual Polar Plunge.

“Polar plunge represents for us the great spirit and camaraderie around athletic competition, because it’s the same joy and energy that comes from participating in sports," says Megan Hoffman, Director of Community Development. "This is just an opportunity for individuals that may or may not participate with us already to help give back and fundraise to help offset those costs associated with those competitions. Our athletes are never charged to participate in our competitions, so events like the polar plunge help offset those costs to pay for uniforms, medals, facility fees and transportation so it’s critical that we invite the community to be involved with us."

The St. Patrick’s Day event was coordinated with the Marlborough Police Department in chilly 30 degree weather-yet despite the cold still raised an impressive $20,000.

Awards were given to those who helped raise the most money by one of the athletes, Ben. “There was a lot of teams this year-we have 9 teams I believe every year, and I just want to say everybody did a great job."

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