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Lincoln-Sudbury Students Walk Out To Make a Statement

On Monday morning at 9:30am, hundreds of students poured out of the doors at Lincoln-Sudbury High School in protest of how officials handled a reported case of sexual assault that dates back to 2013.

A lawsuit filed in Boston's U.S. District Court last week was the first they'd heard about a now 19 year old former Lincoln-Sudbury student who had been sexually assaulted when she was a sophomore at the school. The incident reportedly occurred at a football game, and while the then 15 year old reported it right away, the school failed to investigate and never disciplined any of the boys, despite proof in text messages asking for her silence and forgiveness.

During Monday's walkout, students held a two minute moment of silence and gave speeches in protest of the school's handling of the situation. A petition has been started with nearly 500 signatures demanding the school take immediate action-including placing the suit's defendants on leave, suspending the Superintendent without pay and compensating the former student for the trauma she has endured since the boys have already graduated and can no longer be reprimanded.

Bella Wong, named in the lawsuit, praised in students on Monday applauding them for their "responsive leadership and courage".

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